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Hydrogen Detection Tape

SKU: DX-2106H

Dear Customer, Nitto has reached a decision to discontinue the Detection Tape products. Production will cease effective April, 2024. While orders can still be placed, fulfillment will be contingent upon existing stock levels. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this discontinuation, please feel free to contact us via the form below or your Nitto, Inc. representative.

Nitto's hydrogen detection tape allows for the visual detection of hydrogen leak locations by turning from amber to black when in contact with hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen detection tape usually ships within 2-3 business days in the United States. For other countries, please contact us.

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Size & Length of roll: 2 in x 5 yd (50.8 mm x 4.57 m)

Prices are USD

Made In The USA

Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
Hydrogen Detection Tape
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Nitto Announced as Winner of the Safety In Hydrogen Award at the 2023 Canadian Hydrogen Convention



TEANECK, New Jersey - Nitto, Inc. (a US Subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation) was recently announced as the winner of the Safety In Hydrogen Award at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention for its product, Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape. A product that will change from amber to black when it comes in contact with hydrogen gas; giving a visual indication to help operators pinpoint exact leak locations.

This year's Canadian Hydrogen Convention took place in Edmonton, Canada from April 25th thru April 26th, 2023. This event occurs each year to bring together energy leaders, industry innovators, government officials, and hydrogen professionals to network and drive strategic initiatives for the hydrogen economy in North America. In addition, attendees and delegates have the opportunity to listen to strategic speakers, take technical courses, walk the exhibit hall, network with colleagues, and collaborate on shaping the future of energy in North America by moving the hydrogen industry forward together.

With the advancement of the global hydrogen economy over the past couple of years, there have been many topics concerning how to ramp up hydrogen production and utilizing this fuel source in a productive and safe manner. With safety being top of mind, the leak detection technology brought forward by Nitto is a key contributor to assisting operators, maintenance crews, and technicians in having an added layer of safety with the hydrogen detection tape when utilized as part of a comprehensive leak monitoring system.

Nitto's intuitive and simple to use technology helps to take hydrogen gas leak monitoring and detection to a new level; complementing the already existing "higher-tech" solutions on the market that are required to be installed or utilized by international regulatory bodies.

With the proactive application of the Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape to potential leak points, operators or technicians can quickly identify which areas have amber versus black tape if a leak has occurred, thus locating which areas do and do not have leaks that must be fixed—saving time and money in the process.

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About Nitto

Nitto, Inc. is a US Subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation. Nitto is a leading materials manufacturer offering thousands of industrial products to more than 70 business fields as diverse as electronics, automobiles, infrastructure, and life sciences. For more information about Nitto, visit us at www.nitto.com.
Product Details

Nitto's Hydrogen Detection Tape allows for the visual detection of leak locations by changing color from amber to black when the adhesive comes in contact with hydrogen gas. 

  • Utilize for system start-up, post change-out assurance, or continuous leak detection

  • Detects as low as 1% hydrogen concentration 1

  • Fast acting color-change technology 1

  • Versatile for indoor or outdoor use

  • Permanent color change 2

  • Standard application temperature range -40° C to 100° C (Short-term up to 200° C) 1 , 3 

  • Easy to apply tape and lasts up to 6-months 4

1.  Color-change is influenced by flow rate, temperature, exposure time, and percent concentration of hydrogen gas.
2.  Tape will not return to its original color once adhesive is exposed to hydrogen gas.
3.  For applications outside the standard temperature range, customer is responsible to ensure product meets intended application requirements before approved use. For higher temperature applications, you will need to monitor and change out more frequently. 
4.  It is recommended that tape be replaced after a leak has indicated (and leak location has been properly fixed) or after 6-months to minimize potential adhesive residue build up. 

*Please review Product Data Sheet and Application Manual for additional data and information for your intended project or application(s).
BACKING MATERIAL 1-Mil Polyimide Film
ADHESIVE Silicone with H2 Detection Properties
COLOR-CHANGE Amber to Black 150 Sec 6mL/min 100% H2
TOTAL TAPE THICKNESS 2.4 mils 0.06 mm
TENSILE STRENGTH 36 lbs/in 158 N/25mm
ADHESION TO STEEL 18 oz/in 5 N/25mm

*CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications. Customer is responsible to ensure product meets intended application requirements before approved for use.

Product Reviews
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"Successful Use of Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape."

on 6/25/2021 1:14:50 PM

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Description: We purchased Nitto tape to detect hydrogen leaks on our first alpha prototype. We applied it at fittings and connections and spotted a leak. This is enormously helpful because it will lead to the successful demonstration of our hydrogen production method. BoMax Hydrogen, LLC has developed a hydrogen production method that operates at ambient temperatures and pressures and uses an inexpensive bio-inspired catalytic material that harvests light to produce green hydrogen.