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Nitto is a global pioneer of state of the art technology. Founded in 1918 to produce electrical insulation materials, Nitto has grown to be a leader in the energy materials, industrial tapes, environmental solution, optronics, and life sciences markets.

Nitto contributes to the daily lives of individuals and the future of industry with our ability to generate innovative and unique solutions. Our proprietary technologies turn ocean water into drinking water, make transportation safer, create sharper LCD displays, and keep homes warm and dry, among others. Innovation and originality are important parts of our company values, and we never stop inventing.

Nitto made its appearance in the Americas in 1968, and has since been providing services in increasingly broad markets: Electronics, Automobile, Aerospace, Housing and Construction, Metal Processing, Paper Industries, Alternative Energies, Appliances, Health Science, and more.

Our passion for safety is what drives us to continue to develop different types of gas detection tapes.

To learn more about Nitto, please visit our website: www.nitto.com.

Detection Tape History

The technology for Nitto's first detection tape, hydrogen, was developed as a joint collaboration between NASA Kennedy Space Center and the University of Central Florida. NASA was looking for a new way to detect hydrogen leaks, as hydrogen fuel is commonly used for space shuttles. Since then, Nitto has developed the technology into a pressure sensitive adhesive tape that is used to easily detect hydrogen gas leaks. Nitto has designed gas detection tapes with color-changing technology that are an intuitive addition to leak detection and monitoring systems.

Nitto Detection Tapes
Manufactured in Lakewood, New Jersey

Our Lakewood plant manufactures a variety of tape products including NITTO EPTSEALER®, and Aeroseal.

The site also has an R&D lab which develops and tests products for many different markets including automotive and aerospace.

Hydrogen Tape 
Made In USA

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