The hydrogen detection technology used in the Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape was first developed as a joint collaboration between NASA Kennedy Space Center and the University of Central Florida as a way to detect leaks of hydrogen fuel, which is commonly used for space exploration and fueling the Space Shuttle.

In 2013, Dr. Nahid Mohajeri started HySense Technology LLC to develop and market the technology.

In 2016, Nitto, Inc. acquired the assets of HySense Technology LLC and Dr. Mohajeri joined Nitto as the Director of Advanced Polymer Technology General Manager. Using our industry leading tape and polymer technologies, we were able to further develop the product into a pressure sensitive adhesive tape which is now available from Nitto.

Product Development

Product Development


2017 National Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

How Partnerships, UCF and A Gutsy Scientist Led to Commercialization Success


2016 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year

Hydrogen Detection Tape Saves Time and Lives

Original Roll of HySense

Original Roll of HySense


TechConnect 2015 National Innovation Awardee


R&D 100 Award Winner

UCF Recognized With An ‘Oscar of Invention’