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Nitto is a leading materials manufacturer offering over 13,500 diversified products to more than 70 business fields. Founded in 1918 to produce electrical insulation materials, Nitto has grown to be a leader in the energy materials, industrial tapes, environmental solutions, optronics, and life sciences markets. We aim to offer value to Green (environment), Clean (New Energy) and Fine (Life Science) markets. And our passion for safety is what led us to develop the Nitto Detection Tape.

The hydrogen detection technology was first developed as a joint collaboration between NASA Kennedy Space Center and the University of Central Florida as a way to detect leaks of hydrogen fuel, which is commonly used for space exploration and fueling the Space Shuttle.

In 2013, Dr. Nahid Mohajeri started HySense Technology LLC to develop and market the technology.

In 2016, Nitto, Inc. acquired the assets of HySense Technology LLC and Dr. Mohajeri joined Nitto as the Director of Advanced Polymer Technology General Manager. Using our industry leading tape and polymer technologies, we were able to further develop the product into a pressure sensitive tape.

Nitto strives to innovate for customers by developing new products that contribute to safer and more efficient workplaces.